Just Write goes international

Just Write member Mike Shreeve tried out the Just Write format on a group of teachers a few weeks ago. Mike was leading a session for TEFL teachers at a summer school. And one of the participants was so blown away she’s now trialling Just Write in the United Arab Emirates.

Just Write is obviously a patented, copyrighted format. And all this was done under strict supervision.

Mike tell ’em what happened…


One response to “Just Write goes international

  1. Well I ran the workshop in accordance with the licence conditions for operating Just Write which are extremely onerous. Kath is very protective of her intellectual property! There were great results. I was working in an international summer school where there were many different workshops. Just Write offered a chance to reflect and interact in a different way. I found as a teacher a great way for students to reveal something about their personality. It was wonderful to witness completely different ways of writing. Since then one teacher wants to run the same format in Dubai and another has written an published article on NLP and teaching in Poland inspired by the realisation she had the talent to write. The really key bit is the suspension of the editing process that enables the writer to Just Write. Thank you Kath.Keep going with this idea.

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