Tarzan, tattoos and Pussy Galore – it’s all kicking off at JW

Just Write was in a lazy mood tonight…. something to do with the long nights drawing in, too many red wines on Sunday and moving house today… and other sorry excuses.

But we got on with it regardless. The writing prompts included:

  • Tattoo – this yielded a story about a woman in sheltered housing who decides to get a tattoo on her bum. Plus a skit about Tarzan getting so into his bongo playing that he loses his libido.
  • Dangerous driving – recall the time in your life when you drove the most dangerously – a tale of teenagers perilously overloading a car, and a story of stoned driving, with a murder mystery flavour.

We also started writing with the opening line from Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale – “The scent and smoke and sweat of a casino are nauseating at three in the morning…” Three of the stories featured fat men, variously with a cigar and a busty woman on his shoulder. We enjoyed a reminisce about a Perth casino popular with teenagers who dressed up like Bond and Pussy Galore. Those were the days.

Next deferred till next week an interesting exercise in characterisation… a dialogue piece with one of the characters in denial about something.

Tea break featured: blackberry and apple tart and pain au chocolat.

Thank you to Libby and Grae, Sarah and Mike for your verve and nerve.


One response to “Tarzan, tattoos and Pussy Galore – it’s all kicking off at JW

  1. And if anyone’s wondering whether to get themselves along. do it. “Better out than in” as I like to say after many things.

    When we let our words flow, somehow life seems to follow.



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