About us

Who are we?

A loose group of about a dozen people who enjoy creative writing. Some of us are professional writers in other spheres, such as journalism. Some of us are already hard at work on a creative writing project. And for others this is a whole new adventure.

JW’s organisers are Kath Burke, Dulcie Few and Astrid Holm. You can read about us in our Bios page.

What we do

We meet once a month to Just Write. We do writing prompt exercises, short writing sprints and longer, linked exercises. If we feel like it, we read out what we’ve got. Or we just listen. No commenting. Listening helps us absorb inspiration from each other, which often gets woven into the next piece of writing. And then we get onto the next exercise. People with a writing project can opt in and out of the exercises – or just work on their own stuff.

At the end of the session we go round the table and talk about what we noticed, which bits of writing we enjoyed and what we’ve learnt.

How it started

Just Write is the brainchild of Kath Burke (that’s me). I was reading a book about NanoWriMo – the US challenge to write a novel in a month. And the book was exhorting writers to meet up in coffee shops to write their novels.

That’s right. No teachers. No reading of sacred texts. And no critical analysis of each other’s work.

As someone who’s easily diverted from the writing table, I thought what a great idea. So I thought about it some more for 9 months. And then we launched in July 2009 as a weekly group that focuses on writing.

The idea is that practice makes perfect. And being too analytical and self-critical can block your creativity. Obviously once you’ve finished your first draft, then you’re into the editing stage. And a more analytical mindset can help.

So why not kickstart your writing. Take a few risks and discover the mad, rich world within… Join us


One response to “About us

  1. Hello Just Write group! We are Lighthouse Learning, a children’s app company in Brighton looking for creative children’s writers to help us with content for our app. There’s some more details about this on Wired Sussex: http://www.wiredsussex.com/workproject/project/freelance_education_consultant/1776 We’d love to hear from any Brighton writers interested in kids apps! Please give us a shout or pass on to friends.

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