Our bios

Hello from our three facilitators…

Dulcie Few

Dulcie Few recently completed an MA in Creative and Critical Writing at Sussex University.  She is one of the editors of ‘Leaf,‘ a small creative writing journal and also helps to run Stray Signals, a monthly performance night.  Her short stories have been compared to exploding cupcakes; although they seem sweet, as soon you get close they explode in your face.  As it happens, Dulcie does have a weakness for carrot cupcakes.

Kath BurkeKath Burke

Kath writes for a living  but she’s unpublished as a creative writer… she blames perfectionism and lack of discipline at the writing table for this. Kath likes writing short stories and songs.  If you love writing songs then Kath’s other venture Brighton Songwriters (BSong) could be up your street too. Do register your interest in BSong’s 1-day songwriting workshop in March 2010.

Astrid Holm

Astrid Holm

Astrid recently completed her creative writing MA at Sussex uni, and combines her love of writing with her other obsession- Alexander Technique, which she teaches locally. She’s interested in looking at how we access our creative ‘stuff’, and what writing ‘from the body’ means.  She’s currently working on her first book (hey aren’t we all!) and has a soft spot for poetry too. Astrid is also a fabulous cake baker. www.astridholm.com


One response to “Our bios

  1. Donna Vaughan

    I wondered if you could tell me more about the Listen with both ears course you ran in April. What was it about?
    I am interested because I run a writing group for blind and visually impaired people and the title sounded ideal for the group.
    Who runs the course, how is it run and can it be compacted into a 2-hour workshop?

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