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Six-part series: conjure up a world using your 5 senses

Don’t you love great writing that draws you into another world?  Writing that feels so real you feel bereft when you finish the story. ‘Show – don’t tell’, and ‘see things as they really are’  is a mantra for writers. In this 5 part series we’ll take you through exercises to ground your work in nitty gritty sensory details.

February 2010: Part I: Start with yourself…

This the the first of a five part series to help you access your creative unconscious. It’s about letting go and immersing yourself in a world of your own – by jumping off from your own experience. We’ll explore writing from the self and the body. We’ve designed exercises to help you mine your memory bank for places that’ll make great fictional fodder. Prepare to write till you drop!

Your facilitators are: Astrid Holm and Dulcie Few.

March 2010 – Part II – Writing so good you could eat it

How can you describe your fictional world in terms of taste and smells? And what do these say about your characters? Smells can evoke nostalgia and strong emotions. While food and sex have long been intertwined.

April 2010 – Part III – Seeing is believing

Can you describe what the eye sees, rather than what we think is there? We will include exercises to help you describe something with unusual similes so the reader feels they’ve seen something afresh. For an idea of how vibrantly artists see the world, read this letter from Van Gogh.

May 2010, Part IV, Listen with both ears

Musicians, linguists and radio writers all need a great ear for detail. Intense writing often has elements of rhyme and rhythm to it. We include exercises to train your ear – helping you conjure up your fictional world through your characters’ hearing. You can also play with the musicality of your words, and practise mimicking authentic dialogue.


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